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Over the coming years, Ontario needs to transition away from fossil fuel use and towards clean

fertilizer and clean fuels. This project will provide a local, stable supply of clean fertilizer

(ammonia-based nitrogen fertilizer), while at the same time providing a source of clean fuel for

transportation (hydrogen and ammonia).

Power-To-Ag is an electrolysis plant that will use off-peak grid electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

This is different (cleaner) than conventional hydrogen production in which hydrogen is stripped

from fossil fuels (natural gas and coal) which emits carbon.


An ammonia plant will combine clean hydrogen, from the process above, with nitrogen from

the air to make ammonia. The ammonia will be utilized as fertilizer, while excess hydrogen will

be utilized to fuel hydrogen-powered vehicles and equipment. Clean power generation may also be incorporated in future phases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power-To-Ag News

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Power-To-Ag Public Presentations

Presentation to Huron County Soil and Crop Improvement Association
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